CompuQuest, inc. provides custom, high quality instrument control, data acquisition, and signal processing software, emphasizing both radar cross section (RCS) and antenna measurement applications. The Quest series of data acquisition systems contain drivers for controlling hardware devices ranging from obsolete network analyzers to the latest Agilent PNA systems. CompuQuest data analysis systems process and display data from an industry-wide selection of different formats of raw data files. Together with System Planning Corporation (SPC), CompuQuest has developed the PNA-based Cheetah RCS and Antenna Measurement System. This product base, and extensive hardware and software backgrounds, makes CompuQuest uniquely qualified to handle the needs of the measurement community.

CompuQuest, inc. has been in business for over 30
years. The founders, Steven and Stewart Pressnall, began their careers with System Planning Corporation in the early 1980's. From there they moved on to Metratek before leaving to start CompuQuest, inc. in 1989.